Made in Wood uses simple means to invite the audience into an intimate space filled with great emotions and an intense ambience. 

Made in Wood is a new exciting Danish/Swedish duo featuring Jonas Berg on piano and Bastian Sjelberg on double bass. Both established and very respected musicians that throughout their respective careers have played with most of the key players on the Danish music scene, such as Benjamin Hav, Laid Back, Cæcilie Norby, Caroline Henderson , Jacob Gurevitsch, Kasper Winding, Camille Jones and trumpet player Jens Winther.

Made in Wood creates a musical universe, where there is amble time and space for the narrative to set inn and allow the listener to embark on a voyage into a soundscape that is both dreamy and meditative. 

The music is acoustic and unfiltered. The setup is minimal- with just a double bass and an acoustic piano. At times the music illuminates spherical tones and bubbly delays.
Songs with clear evocative melodies, that navigate smoothly throughout a foundation of harmonies. Harmonies that surprise in the way that they push what the listener otherwise would have expected from the narrative of the song. 

Made in Wood has a Nordic sound that embodies an authentic, folkloric melancholy, as well as the exciting tension that stems from jazzy minimalism. Elements that allure dreams.